Hey Friend

I've HAD it! I'm DONE. That whole "riches are in the niches" bit. DONE. (I already said that) But seriously, I just can't anymore. I can't pretend to be anything less that my true authentic self. The times just don't call for it. The people who are my people are able to tell when someone is not being authentic.

I have been T-R-Y-I-N-G for YEARS to pick a niche to develop my online presence and share all of my wonderful beingness with my people.

"Just start. Don't worry about being perfect"

I'm not worried about being perfect, but I know the apprehension I feel within myself for not showing up fully AS I AM can be felt by my people. I'm learning to follow my bliss. This, and by joining my email list, is where you'll find expressions of that bliss.